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Where do I meet my driver at the airport?

Category: faq

Each airport in the United Kingdom has a different location for meeting points. If you follow the instructions provided in the booking confirmation email, you will easily spot the driver. You can note down the following meeting points at the airports for your convenience. Luton Airport: Costa Coffee- If you want the driver to pick you up from the inside area of the airport (at Costa Coffee). It is situated on the left side of the baggage claim point when you pass through the arrivals. Gatwick Airport North: Costa Coffee- It is positioned right outside the domestic arrivals point towards the left side. If you are behind the exit point then you will take a round towards the right side. Costa Coffee will be on the opposite side of WHSmith. Gatwick Airport South: Costa Coffee (This point is opposite the international baggage point on the right side). London Stansted Airport: Costa Coffee- (It is situated on the left side of the Stansted Airport terminal. You can conveniently reach this point from the right end of the terminal where you conduct the process of international baggage claim. London Heathrow Airport( all five terminals): You will meet your driver at the arrivals.

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